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So, you want to buy a generator? What do you need to know? Well, by following our guide you’ll be armed with all the information required to make an informed decision.

1. Determine your use.
How you plan on using your generator will ultimately drive many of your decisions.

Use: Preferred Features:
Recreational Portable, Compact, Quiet for basic camping power.
Home Reliable, Long Running, Quiet, Enough power to run essential items for backup or tool power.
Work Commercial Quality Engine, Long Running, Pro featured to handle the tough demands on the jobsite.

2. Select the type of generator
A generator system costs fluctuate depending on whether you are interested in portable system or a permanently installed automatic standby system. Focus on the type of generator system that falls within your approximate budget. A portable generator will cost $300 to $1500 depending upon wattage and additional features (i.e. Power Transfer System). Automatic Standby generator systems will run $5000 or more installed, but provide a level of performance and convenience that is critical for some home and small business owners looking for uninterrupted power.

3. Determine your wattage requirements
To determine estimate your wattage requirements, use the wattage guide.

4. Consider your connection method
Connecting your generator to a tool or appliance is as simple as using a heavy-duty extension cord. To eliminate the tangle of multiple extension cords, the better option is the 30 Amp Heavy Duty Generator Cord. If you are considering how to connect hard-wired appliances or lighting in your home, consider a Power Transfer System.

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