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When we say cheap mp3 players, we don’t just mean cheap we mean very cheap, but that doesn’t mean poor quality!
“So you say your MP3 Players are cheap, but how many songs can they hold?”

A typical MP3 file is around 3MB which means a 256MB MP3 Player gives you approx 84 MP3 music tracks to inspire you in the gym, or on the way to work.

Put another way the above player will give you:

  • Over 4 hours of music to listen to on the go.
  • 6 albums with you wherever you are.
  • 84 MP3 music tracks to keep you going in the gym.

If you buy a larger capacity MP3 player, like a 512MB MP3 Player you will get even more songs for your money.

At the MP3 Soopa Store we strive to bring you the best quality MP3 players, at the cheapest prices – MP3 Soopa Store is the best place for cheap MP3 players.

Take the soundtrack to your life with you, whichever path you take, with a cheap MP3 Player from the MP3 Soopa Store. So visit the MP3 Soopa Store at There’s an amazing choice of players and accessories to suit every budget

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