How to get the best from your MP3 Player

Getting an ipod or a mp3 player from the MP3 Soopa Store is just the first step. To get the splendid sound quality, you may need to discover the tricks of drawing the best power of your player to let it do its best for you. It is easy to understand that the performance of a player is driven by two aspects – hardware and software. One can improve both the aspects to get the optimum sound quality.

From hardware aspect, you should use better earpiece. Why? Do not ignore this tiny gizmo. A good set of earpieces play very important role in sound quality, not to mention the price of them is equal to the player itself. It is a good way to enhance your player performance. Do not always use the amplifier that are embedded into the player. Too often use of amplifier will not only drain power quickly but also add lots of noise in the back ground of the music. Compared to the amplifier, a set of earpieces offer you higher quality music. In most cases, there is a set of earpiece coming within the box, but they are lame and cheap. Get branded earpieces and find the music quality greatly improved!

Most player like ipod, creative, cowon and iriver have a large selections of music formats including mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC and etc. Most people think there are little differences among them. But they do matter differently very much in sound quality and file size.

MP3, the Old file format that generally works badly at bit rates below 128kbps but can sound good at 160-196kbps, especially with Lame encoding.

WMA, Microsoft format with Standard, outperforms MP3 only at low bit rates and sounds worse than AAC at the same bit rates.

AAC, (Advanced Audio Coding) Multichannel replacement for MP3 that works well at bit rates of 96kbps and below, and produces smaller files. At 128kbps, the quality can closely match CD quality and at 160kbps or higher, it should be equivalent to CD for most people.

So, if you haven’t already done so, visit the MP3 Soopa Store and buy yourself the player of your dreams and then enjoy the soundtrack of your life, everywhere you go!

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