Buying Spectacles Online

Everyone knows that buying online is usually much cheaper than buying from a store. It started with books, CDs and videos and then progressed as people got more comfortable with the idea, not to mention stores getting better at dealing with things. Of course there was always the hesitation for items such as clothing; people were worried that it might not fit or they just wouldn’t like it when it arrived but again, merchants made it much easier to return items and so it is that people avoid the high street scrum and do it all online.

Glasses Direct… If you ask most people they will be wary about buying spectacles online after all, they are usually very expensive so you need to trust a high street optician, right? WRONG! Read on…

Each high street optician pays for expensive stores, medical equipment, display stock and staff. As a result, after every eye test, they aim to sell a pair of glasses at a high margin. You’ll typically be passed over to someone – not an optician – whose job is to sell you the most expensive pair of glasses they can convince you to buy.

By law, an optician must – following your eye test – provide you with a written prescription, regardless of whether you plan to buy glasses from them.  A fact worth keeping front of mind if you begin to be pressurised into parting with your money there and then. You shop around for the best deal on everything from your mobile phone to car insurance – why not your glasses?

Your prescription

To buy glasses online, you need a copy of your prescription – which must be less than two years old. You will need to give your prescription details to order your glasses. For the majority of prescriptions, especially printed ones, this is a simple matter of copying the numbers into an online order form. However, some handwritten or more complicated prescriptions may need some translation.

Is buying glasses online safe?

Both online and on the high street, the optical market is regulated by the Government’s General Optical Council to ensure medical health standards are adhered to. In addition you’ll find that most of the online opticians and many of the biggest high street chains use the same laboratories to have glasses made, so the quality is likely to be high wherever you buy them from.

Will they fit if I buy online?

This question is more complicated – simply because most glasses are very adjustable – so really, most glasses can be made to fit, once you’re happy that they suit you.  There are two simple ways to be more sure that a pair of glasses will fit:

  1. Check the measurements of an old pair of glasses you find comfortable or that really suit you.
  2. Online stores show measurements for every pair on offer so you can compare them for a close match. and of course aim for a store that allows you to try the glasses on at home with a home trial before deciding to buy.

The worlds largest direct glasses retailer is Glasses Direct and with frames starting at just £15 including lenses you’ll never buy your glasses in the high street again.  Click here to visit Glasses Direct

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