Eco Friendly Products from John Lewis

As we all start to consider our own greenness and that of the stores we buy from it is quite reassuring to find that John Lewis has devoted a section of it’s website to Eco Friendly products complete with informative guides so that you actually understand what the difference is that you’re making.

All too often retailers just slap a sticker on it saying it’s green and slip an extra 10% onto the bill in the hope that you won’t dare complain.

Not only do John Lewis offer free delivery when you buy on-line  you also have their Deliver to Shop for Collection service where you order and pay on-line then pick your purchases up from a local store the next day, handy for those little things but maybe not such a good idea for the new dishwasher!

So, whether you are looking for clothing made from organic cotton, recycled glassware, garden furniture sourced from sustainable forests or skincare products make your next visit to John Lewis where you’ll be able to look after both your conscience and your bank balance!


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