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 One store that I’m fond of is Wolf & Badger’s outlet in London’s ever so trendy Notting Hill neighbourhood. Actually I’m not sure Notting Hill is still considered trendy but regardless of whether it is or not when you walk through the door of 46 Ledbury Road and into the world of Wolf & Badger you know you’re leaving the high street and it’s chain stores behind. Wolf & Badger pride themselves on selling only the finest items from a select group of brands with an emphasis on independent design.

Of course not everyone can make it London so their website, www.wolfandbadger.com, is the place to head to find a selection of items that can be ordered on-line and delivered within a day or two. If you are looking for something different that is certainly where to head as they have an amazing array of items from men and women’s fashion to unique gifts for the home with prices to suit every pocket. There are not many places where you’ll find a unique handmade, one off necklace such as Eleftheria’s beautiful piece Time Flies, yours for £630, together with socks from Huxley at a much more manageable £10 a pair.

Other items you’ll quite possibly drool over include Richard Bendon’s reclaimed teacups that have been dipped in platinum and Stuart Richards candleholder that is sure to provoke a reaction given that it is a 9 inch tall spider!

So whether you’re looking for something for yourself, your home or someone special pay a visit to www.wolfandbadger.com and if you do find yourself in London, head to Notting Hill and indulge your senses by visiting the store. You may want to leave your credit card behind as it’s unlikely you’ll leave without buying something!

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