PowerTrekk – Just Add Water

If you own a device item that can be charged via USB such as a smartphone or MP3 player you’ll also know that the one thing they need is juice. Now, that’s not a problem when you are at home or in the office where you have access to a power socket or computer that you can plug it into but what about when you go camping or to a festival?

Yes, you could buy spare batteries but if you have a few devices that’s a few spare batteries which may be fine if you’re only going off-grid for a day or two but what if you’re going away for longer? Step forward those smart Swedish folk over at myFC who have invented the PowerTrekk, which can charge your device with not juice but a tablespoon of water!

The PowerTrekk is going to be the answer to a lot of peoples prayers, you simply pop in a PowerPukk and add water which sets off a clean chemical reaction. The water releases hydrogen stored in the PowerPukk generating 4Wh of electricity, enough to charge one iPhone.

The PowerPukks are a very reasonable £1.20 each whilst the PowerTrekk itself does involve an investment of £150 but if you’re the sort of person who will benefit from this sort of device, it will pay for itself quite quickly.

The PowerTrekk is due to be launched later this year, so keep an eye on the PowerTrekk website for more details.

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