Bring Film Home this Summer with Stella Artois

This summer Stella Artois are running a fantastic offer that will bring some of he finest films to home screens. Film fans, aged 18 and over, have the chance to lay their hands on one of 40 DVDs, simply by purchasing a special promotional pack of Stella Artois 5% or Stella Artois 4%.

Feel like an action-packed drama? Why not try The Bourne Ultimatum? In the mood for a 60s classic? Quadrophenia ticks that box or, perhaps you fancy a little bit of French je ne sais quoi, with Baise Moi? Whether you want sophisticated or scary, witty or wondrous, Stella Artois’s ‘A DVD with every pack’ has films for everyone.

Just buy a special promotion pack of Stella Artois 4% or Stella Artois 5% from your nearest supermarket or off licence and, by entering the unique 10-digit code on the Stella Artois website, you’ll be able to choose from 40 incredible titles listed below. Ranging from all-time classics to some of the latest new releases, they all have just one thing in common: exceptional entertainment.

As you can see, there’s a wide selection so there should be something to please everyone and each household can claim up to 4 DVDs. The packs are available in-store until the end of August and you have until the end of November to use the code before it expires. You can find out the full details at the dedicated Stella Artois DVD site where you can also claim your DVDs, which include free delivery.

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