Weber Performer Charcoal Barbecue

Well, it’s supposedly Summer here in the UK and what, other than rain, goes with Summer? Yes, a barbecue or BBQ or if you’re from South Africa a Brai. Whatever you call it, even in the rain there’s nothing quite like charcoal cooked meat and veggies but you should forget buying one of those disposable things that they sell in the supermarket and you might as well forget the £40 offerings from B&Q if you want to use it again next year.  If you are going to have a barbecue you might as well invest in one that will last not just this Summer but for plenty of Summers down the line and hell, why not go the whole hog (geddit?) and buy one you can use all year round?

Weber are acknowledged as the premier barbecue manufacturer and with good reason, they do the job better than most and it’s no surprise that the Performer is such a popular model and makes an ideal purchase and you don’t need a massive garden to accommodate it either. One of the things I particularly like about this model is the gas lighting system, rather than fiddle around with matches or lighting briquettes just put your charcoal into the supplied container, put it above the gas pipe and after 5 minutes you’re firing on all cylinders, 20 minutes later and your charcoal is ready for the meat and remember using a charcoal grill, you can cook more healthily for you, your family and those lucky enough to get invited round!

While forking out over £350 for a barbecue may seem excessive, consider this, the Weber Performer Barbecue comes with a 10 year guarantee and is constructed of stainless steel, plastic and enamelled metal so can be safely left outdoors all year round, tho you may want to invest in a cover unless you have a shed to store it in. So even if you say it only lasts 10 years, which it won’t, if every year for those 10 years you bought a cheap £30-£40 barbecue and let’s face it, they seldom last more than a year before the wonderful British weather destroys them, you’d not only spend more than the cost of the Weber Performer, you’d have contributed a lot of junk to the landfill …  just remember to tell the wife that when she asks how much it cost!

You can get order your [simpleazon-link asin=”B002S2OU2W” locale=”uk”]Weber barbecue[/simpleazon-link] from Amazon and get it delivered in a few days and soon be enjoying those charcoal cooked steaks and sausages by the weekend, just be sure to have an umbrella to hand!

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