Deep Muscle Relief From Bakewell Soap

You know how it goes, sometimes Lady Luck just has the best of intentions for you and so it was recently when I was sent a sample of the Bakewell Soap Company’s Deep Muscle Relief Rub. I won’t bore you with the details of how but after a visit to my GP I was sent off to the hospital to have an ultrasound scan of my shoulder which, thankfully, showed I hadn’t torn any ligaments but had damaged something called the Rotator Cuff, something I wasn’t even aware I had!

The hospital gave me an injection of some sort or another to ease the pain and advised a few weeks of rest and after questioning suggested an over the counter remedy such as Deep Heat to deal with any discomfort. The prognosis was several weeks of grinning and bearing it, in true British style. A few days later, as I say, the postman delivered me a pot of Deep Muscle Relief Rub and I thought, Why spend money on something when I have this to try out? So try it I did…

What I can tell you is this, upon removing the lid my first thoughts were, It smells like the love-child of Germolene and cinnamon closely followed by, No, wait it smells like… and then my nose struggled to deal with the multitude of pleasant scents that filled my senses. Spicy and warm is the best I can tell you and that’s with me sitting here sniffing a near empty tin. However let’s skip over what it smells like, it’s not an eau de cologne after all.

The Bakewell Soap Company advise that their Deep Muscle Relief Rub is an After Exercise rub, they also suggest that by rubbing it in you will relax your muscles, soothe away any aches and reduce inflammation. Well, Lynx deodorant suggests you’ll have women chasing you down the street if you use it but we all know how that works out don’t we? Yes, they chase you down the street but only in order to give you a bath to wash away that horrid smell!

Making full use of my dodgy rotator cuff I started applying the Deep Muscle Relief Rub after my morning shower. I have to admit, I really like the smell, it doesn’t have a Deep Heat burning sensation but weirdly does have a very subtle and pleasant sensation, just not one I can describe very well. What I can tell you is after 3 or 4 days I found I was able to move my arm much more freely than before and when I visited the hospital for a follow-up appointment I was told my range of movement was better than expected. I didn’t admit that I had barely followed their instructions not to move my arm, I mean come on…how are you supposed to get on with life and not move your arm?

The Bakewell Soap Company manufacture everything by hand in Bakewell, Derbyshire and as you’d expect in this day and age don’t test their wares on animals. The Muscle Rub contains Arnica Oil which they advise may cause irritation on broken skin and if you are pregnant they suggest you avoid using it as it contains Wintergreen Oil other than that, from what I could make out from the ingredients list, which was in tiny, tiny small print, the most foreign item was German Chamomile oil. In short, everything is natural, right down to the beeswax that stops it being a runny liquid.

Priced at £6.95 for a 40g tin I’d certainly recommend the Deep Muscle Relief Rub from the Bakewell Soap Company whether you have aches and pains or just want to reduce the likelihood of damage after a workout at the gym (which obviously I can’t discuss as I never go!) it’s the sort of thing you’ll want to have handy in your medicine cabinet and washbag.

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