Filter Out The Impurities With A Brita Water Filter

[simpleazon-image align=”left”  asin=”B000B4UHHQ” locale=”uk”  height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]It’s been a time of healthy living at Omneo Towers lately. In November I finally got around to buying a water filter jug and boy, what a difference it makes!

Living in London I know the water is hard, I just need to peer at the lime scale build up in the kettle and it was while de-scaling it that I decided to try a jug to see if it would make life a little better and it has.

For a start, there is no sign of any lime scale build up in the kettle and trust me, I look every time I fill up and smile at one less task to do!

More importantly however is the taste, whether it’s tea or cordial or just plain water, it really does taste refreshingly fresh! You know what lime scale does to your kettle, just think what it does to your insides!

Brita Marella Water Filter Jug

These jugs fit into the door of the fridge ensuring you have constant ice-cold, filtered water when you need it and when you consider a years supply of [simpleazon-link asin=”B000QEW5KS” locale=”uk”]Water Filter Cartridges[/simpleazon-link] will set you back around £30 just think how much money you’ll save not only on de-scaling solution but on bottled water!
So what are you waiting for? If you don’t already have one get a [simpleazon-link asin=”B000B4UHHQ” locale=”uk”]Brita Marella XL Water Filter[/simpleazon-link] at the best price available today.

Here are some REAL customer reviews from Amazon:


We have had a filter jug in our home for many years, but never has the water been as pure as it is now. The taste of our tea and coffee is GREAT, and our kettle remains unscaled. The larger size of the XL jug serves a house full of adults well, and the…Read more


I had to replace my old Brita water filter, so I purchased this model, I must say, I am very pleased with it.I went for this model, because the way you fil this jug: just lift the small hatch, and fill.The read-out on the lid is simple, I…Read more

“Looks great, works great!”

This Brita pitcher works just great and looks real good too. It fits well on the top shelf of my refrigerator. I’m happy to wholly recommend this product.Read more

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