The Nākd Truth: Eating is Believing

Nakd BarsYou know how it goes, you see something advertised as natural but as soon as you look at the ingredients list you discover that the term has been used with more than a pinch of artistic licence. Who hasn’t questioned whether adding fructose and glucose to a cereal bar isn’t stretching the bounds of credibility too far?

It’s rather refreshing then to discover Nākd bars from Natural Balance Foods, who describe themselves as a company promoting health, happiness and helpfulness. I quite like their simple Nature is nice motto because when you think about it, it really is.

Nākd bars are truly a 100% natural whole food bar. There’s an array of flavours but what is common to them all is their combination of unsweetened fruit, rolled oats, nuts and spices.

Nākd bars contain no artificial ingredients of any kind, no-added sugar and are raw, never cooked. They are simply a combination of natural super foods, so they are good for you in lots of ways.

One statistic I found quite interesting is the fact that it takes approximately 35mins to make a Nākd bar, from mixing the ingredients together to packaging it up whereas a conventional baked cereal bar takes around 3hours 45mins to make. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

When it comes to healthy snacks just remember these things as you tuck into your guilt free Nākd Bar:

  • Nākd bars contain no added sugar or syrups
  • One bar counts as 1 of your 5 a day
  • They’re cold-pressed, never baked
  • They’re a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals
  • They’re high in fibre which helps balance blood sugar levels, control appetite and aid digestion
  • They’re rich in phytonutrients thereby promoting a healthy immune system and body function
  • They’re high in plant-source protein which maintains muscle and balances blood sugar
  • They’re wheat, dairy and gluten free

You can find Nākd bars from most supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, Asda and of course direct from Natural Balance Foods themselves, with free delivery.

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