Chromebooks: Are They Tomorrow’s Future Today?

ChromebooksChromebooks are now being mooted as the way forward for laptop computers, with lots of the world’s largest computer manufacturers getting ready to enhance new models later this season.

The innovative, new cloud-based laptops are described as a more secure option than conventional PCs and with sales of Windows 8 to date not as spectacular as some might have hoped; experts have speculated that it’s merely a question of time before PC makers considered something else to boost their profits.

[simpleazon-link asin=”B009VHRMOU” locale=”uk”]Acer[/simpleazon-link] and Google are considered to be adding updates to their older Chromebook models whilst Asus, HP, Lenovo and [simpleazon-link asin=”B009RF0AQ8″ locale=”uk”]Samsung[/simpleazon-link] are also rumoured to be planning entirely new Chromebooks which will hit the industry over the following twelve months.

Making use of their benefits, Chromebooks are considered an exciting and innovative way to work and communicate while out and about however their restrictions are coming under fire.

Using the Chromebook like a complete computer does have its problems, mainly because the memory contained in the small units tend to be very limited.

The majority of Chromebooks offer just 2GB of RAM but there are actually some that are fortunate enough to be gifted with 4GB. Upgrades are made virtually impossible because of the slim construction of the laptops.

The Chrome operating system, which many of them run, coupled with other software e.g.  iTunes or any Adobe programs will most likely fill up the RAM memory of the Chromebook which in turn makes them impractical and constrained units for individuals who want to rely solely on a single device.

Google Chromebook SloganThere is no doubt that Chromebooks are gaining popularity among some core groups; Acer, for instance, are marketing their latest offering purely for students, who need a powerful unit with the ability to work on the go.

However for those who need a powerful system which has the capacity to hold all of their personal files as well as multi task,  whether it is for work or leisure, Chromebooks are, at the moment, an unsuitable choice in my book.

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