Amazon Prime Is Changing In The UK

amazon prime instantYou may or may not have seen the news online that Amazon has decided to integrate LOVEFiLM Instant with it’s Prime service commencing 26 February. The new service will be called Amazon Prime Instant

I was alerted via social media this morning and after visiting I saw the confirmation on their home page. You can read the full press release on

As an existing Prime member it would have been nice to have received an email advising of this change. It would seem you are expected to either visit the website daily or keep abreast of social media channels to find out how a service you pay for is being changed.

What disheartens me more is the other assumption that people need or want both services, I don’t and whilst I find the current Prime service good, despite the 1 day service seldom being 1 day when entrusted to Royal Mail, the price of £49 was reasonable value for money.

A 60% increase to £79 however has to make me reconsider whether to continue, like many other existing Prime members I’m sure.

Why was there no multi-level Prime membership option proposed I wonder? Was it concern that the take up wouldn’t be as wide as they might hope?

The press release likes to boast of a 35% saving for those who happen to subscribe to both services but is shy about pointing out the 60% hike for those who only want to continue with what they already have.

Are you a Prime member? Will you renew to enjoy the benefits of Instant Video or will you cancel when it comes up for renewal? Or perhaps you’ve been holding out on subscribing to Prime and this is the news you’ve been waiting for.

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  1. Martin Greaves

    Glad it’s not just me – I learned about it the same way and cancelled my Prime membership the same day. I have no need for their streaming service and am not prepared to pay the increase for a service I don’t need or want.

    I’ve had a Prime membership pretty much since it started. I’m aware that I often shop at Amazon because of next day delivery it means I (usually) get at no extra cost. Without it I expect I shall shop around a lot more, especially as I now effectively have a £6.50/month delivery budget.

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