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bakewell soap company honey lip balmRecently  I was sent a couple of lip balms from The Bakewell Soap Company’s Luscious Lips range, you may remember how much I liked their Deep Muscle Rub, so my expectations were fairly high.

Winter and Summer finds me forever dabbling in the lip balm arena and never quite finding something that I like but I always have some in my bag.

I was both pleased and dismayed when I opened the package; pleased that they had sent me the Honey version and dismayed at also getting the Palma Violet version, the smell of the latter reminded me of those horrible sweets!

Thankfully I have a colleague who loved the sweets and ergo loved the scent so it didn’t go to waste. We both agreed the scents are amazingly authentic. Every time I applied mine it was as if I had just opened a jar of honey and as for the Palma Violet; I could tell every time my colleague was applying it as the scent wafted passed 3 desks to bombard my senses (can you tell I’m not a fan?)

Enough of the smell, what about the ingredients? Well, as expected from the Bakewell Soap Company there’s a whole host of good things in these little sticks of goodness. You’ll find Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E and some Unsweetened Flavouring Oils. What you won’t find  in any of them are Phthalates, Parabens or Petroleum based ingredients.

The balms went on well, the consistency is that happy medium of not too soft and not too firm so it’s easy to get a nice even coating. As a copious tea drinker I noticed that there wasn’t a need to constantly re-apply which has been the case for some other brands, who shall remain nameless.

Personally I think the honey version perfect for Winter as the scent evoked a warm feeling whereas I suspect something like the Citrus Burst would be more of a lighter Summer balm. Obviously I’m basing this from imagination so don’t hold me to it!

Overall I wasn’t at all disappointed with the product and find it pleasing that the Bakewell Soap Company are continuing to produce quality products at a reasonable price.

The Luscious Lips range comes in Honey, Palma Violet, Citrus Burst and Mixed Berries and are priced at £3.45 from the Bakewell Soap Company or £3.95 from Not on the High Street

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