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M by MaxellMaxell, long cherished by me as manufacturers of some of the best cassette tapes my pocket-money bought, last week announced the availability of their premium in-ear headphone range, M by Maxell.

M by Maxell represents a commitment to outstanding audio quality and precision. Recognisable by the signature engraved “M” on the headphones, the M by Maxell collection consists of premium technology-specific headphones. The range was created with the knowledge and experience of producing high-quality audio reproduction and sound technology that continues to make Maxell a household name. The collection has been designed to meet the needs for today’s consumer, making premium sound technology available for everyone.

The collection launches with the availability of the MXH-DD600S Dual Dynamic Driver headphones and the MXH-DBA700S Balanced Armature headphones. Both in-ear headphones, they feature a high rigidity aluminium body as well as an in-line microphone with call answering functions for smartphones and in-line volume control.

The beautifully designed headphones do look great and of course the PR blurb assures me that they sound great too, if they let me have a review pair I’ll let you know what i think of them but don’t hold your breath! There are 3 models in the range, priced between £49.99 and £89.99, so something for most budgets.

The MXH-RF500S Bass Chamber in-ear headphones feature a 10mm driver and a dual bass chamber. The bass chamber extends the sound range creating a strong bass and clear sound for high, mid, and low frequencies. These are the only model to come in either black or white versions. The MXH-RF500S Bass Chamber in-ear headphones are available now for £49.99.

The Dual Dynamic Drive headphones have two powerful, independent dynamic drivers: a 6mm treble driver (tweeter) at the front and a 8mm bass driver (woofer) at the back for both low and midrange frequencies. These give a deep bass, without detracting from the mid to high frequencies, delivering a truly balanced sound across the range. The MXH-DD600S Dual Dynamic Driver headphones are available now for £69.99.

The hybrid technology of the MXH-DBA700S Balanced Armature headphones combine the benefits of two sound transducer technologies. The Balanced Armature offers precision in the mid-to-high frequency range where it excels whilst the addition of the dynamic driver is better suited to handle the lower frequency sounds. The combination of the two results in an excellent treble without compromising the bass response. The MXH-BDA700S Balanced Armature headphones are available now for £89.99.

All three models feature earpieces that are treated with silver ion, which is used in dentistry and medicine to reduce bacterial infections. The headphone cable is designed to be flat, which is not only stylish, it greatly reduces tangling and I like the fact that it can easily be converted in length from 0.9m to 1.2m. The in-ear design comes with four sizes of earpiece, for a perfect fit for all ears.

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