Foreo Luna Mini

FOREO Luna MiniWhat can I tell you about this little beast other than I think it’s wonderful?

Well, I should start with simplicity. The Luna Mini is a breeze to use. Simply apply your cleanser of choice to your face, wet the LUNA™ mini, turn it on and cleanse your way to clearer and cleaner skin.

2 minutes a day is all the time it takes; 1 in the morning and another at night and you’ll quickly notice how it leaves your skin looking naturally beautiful, while daily dirt, oil and make-up residue (if you wear it!) are driven away. 

Foreo will tell you to expect around 300 uses per charge. I use mine twice a day and managed to get an amazing 9 months of daily usage out of one single charge, if only my phone could boast the same!

The unit is completely waterproof meaning you can use it in the shower without worrying and there’s no need for any expensive replacement brush heads as the Luna Mini is non-porous which ensures that bacteria doesn’t build up which ensures a far more hygienic cleansing surface than standard sonic brushes.

In fact with as each one of the Luna Minis 1,300 non-abrasive touch-points are coated with smooth silicone for cleansing that feels so good, its like getting a mini-facial.  Added to all of which you also get a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee, giving you more of a reason to invest in your skin!

So let’s sum that all up, with the Foreo Luna Mini you’ll get:

  • Clearer, brighter and healthier-looking skin
  • A new way of cleansing that is deep, yet gentle
  • Skin that is free of dirt, oil and make-up residue
  • Pores that are cleansed of blemish-causing impurities
  • Blood flow that’s stimulated to flush toxins away
  • A device made with FDA approved silicone that’s bio-compatible, hypo-allergenic and resistant to bacteria
  • A device featuring a smart and compact design
  • Adjustable intensity for comfort
  • Fully rechargeable for up to 300 beauty treatments per USB charge
  • A device that’s perfect for travel
  • A completely waterproof  unit meaning you can safely use it in the shower
  • No need for any replacement brush heads

You’ll find the best price for the Foreo Luna Mini by buying direct from Foreo who charge £99 plus delivery however keep an eye on Amazon which currently has them in stock for £75 with free delivery

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