Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera

1200D-2Some people may already know that I bought my first digital SLR a few years ago and then last year I bought a snazzier version and enrolled on a photography ‘summer school’ run by my local photography club.

Ever since I’ve paid a bit more attention to reviews of the ‘older’ models. You know the ones, the ones who held the limelight for 6 months before the same manufacturer made an even greater version of their greatest camera!

I tend to post camera and accessory reviews over on DSLR Corner so if you’re interested in some of my shopping suggestions have a look there. If you’re interested in some of my learning to learn photography ramblings visit Fundamentals Of Photography and why not check out my Digital Photography Guide?

Right, I think I’ve plugged my photography themed sites enough… Here are some of my thoughts on the Canon EOS 1200D!

1200D-1Embrace every opportunity and capture the emotion of the moment, with a DSLR camera that’s easy to use and delivers results you’ll love.

That’s what Canon would have you believe the 1200D is, the camera that will deliver results you’ll love. I hope it’s not just me but I’m quite content to let the emotions of the moment run free?! I’m too tired from life to embrace *every* opportunity, aren’t you?! Am I just getting old? [rhetorical question alert!]

Canon will tell you that you can shoot photos and video with a quality and character all of their own. They’ll also happily tell you that the 18-megapixel images from the EOS 1200D will be packed with detail and are large enough to be printed at sizes up to A2+. What’s more, you’ll walk away assured that your videos will have a professional look and feel that looks great played back on your home HDTV.

Is the Canon 1200D worth your hard earned cash? Does the hype live up to the reality? Well from what I can garner, it’s hard to find anyone with a bad thing to say about this currently sub £250, DSLR camera.

A few recurring comments are the controls are a bit confusing, that’s the problem with Canon loading it up with features. remember, this was a £400 camera when it launched so wasn’t aimed at absolute beginners to SLR cameras. So I say either read the manual or get used to not knowing how to get the best out of your investment if that’s the most you can gripe about.

It’s not top of the range but if you have been waiting to make the switch from an SLR to it’s digital younger sibling, this is an ideal camera to do it with. Likewise, if you’ve never owned a DSLR before and you’re upgrading from your phone or compact, this is an excellent first DSLR camera

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