The Versatile Rapesco Supaclip

Rapesco Supaclip and ClipsThere is nothing better than a product that does what is intended to do as well as something totally different, but needed. If you haven’t already heard about it, allow me to introduce you to the Rapesco Supaclip®

The Supaclip is actually a two part system consisting of the Supaclip dispenser and the actual clips themselves.

The device is intended to provide a better experience than staples and paperclips for collating documents. The dispenser comes in various sizes, 40, 60, 80, etc. These sizes denote the maximum thickness in sheets of paper the clip is designed to hold.

The Supaclip 40 dispenser for instance dispenses clips that hold between 2-40 sheets of paper together.  Clips are available in plain stainless steel as well as a range of colours, perfect for colour coding and indexing.

Designed as an easy to use, remove and reuse system the Supaclip dispenser easily attaches clips to paper, which is great but ultimately expensive if you are the only person using it as the clips are not as cheap as staples and paperclips.

Supaclip - Frozen BeansThis is where the versatility of the Supaclip really comes in as you can use the clips in so many other ways.  Personally, my Supaclip 40 dispenser and clips live in the kitchen where I use them to reseal packets of herbs and spices as well as frozen foods.


Supaclip - SpicesI’ve also used it with garden items such as bags of soil and packets of seeds and my DIY side keeps loose screws, washers and other small items in bags which can be quickly sealed and re-opened one handed, thanks to the Supaclip system.

The Rapesco Supaclip is available from most high street stationers as well as numerous online vendors, including Amazon, where the [simpleazon-link asin=”B00XBM7UHA” locale=”uk”]Rapesco Supaclip #40 & 150 Multicoloured Refills[/simpleazon-link] retail for less than £10

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