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I’m not sure when I first became a fan of Converse, early eighties I imagine, which is more than a few years after the company was founded in 1908.  As a teenager Converse were cool but I was never to own a pair due to a major defect that my grandmother had identified, “You could spit peas through them!”

Not literally of course but their construction is nothing if not basic. Sure, over the years they have introduced various new designs but the big seller is the Chuck Taylor All Star which hasn’t changed much since it was designed in the seventies.

The good news for those who may not have heard, is Converse have introduced the Chuck Taylor All Star II which stay true to it’s design but embraces new technologies such as lightweight Nike Lunarlon cushioning.

Shopping direct at Converse UK not only gives you access to the entire range of Converse footwear but also their clothing and accessories range.

One other feature that will please every Converse fan is the ability to customise your very own pair of Converse. You can really make a one of a kind design from the label right down to the colour of the eyelets.

With prices starting at only £50 they’ll make a great gift for someone you love, or you know, just yourself!

Tip: If you sign up to the Converse mailing list you’ll get sent a 15% discount code by email. A great excuse to buy some new footwear for spring!

Offer: Converse has just launched their presale offering 20% off selected styles. Only valid Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March Click here and use the code PRESALE when checking out.

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