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Mr Omneo lives and works in London. This site is primarily for reviews and views of products and services that he deems worthy of discussing. Visit his personal site if you're seeking his personal blog where he posts more wide ranging topics such as music, politics and the thoughts in his head.

Stagolee’s: Hot Chicken & Cool Cocktails

**STAGOLEE’S HAS NOW CLOSED** When someone first mentioned Stagolee’s to me I was quite interested in paying them a visit but when I discovered the restaurant was located in Fulham Broadway my interest waned a bit. Visiting would mean enduring the painfully slow journey from West to East London at the end of the night however if the news was …

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Craft Metropolis: London Beers To Your Door

If you drink beer, or cider, you’ve no doubt heard the term craft being bandied about quite a bit. In the UK, because there is no agreed upon definition of what craft is, it is a term that can split a group of drinkers in to opposing camps, often with little chance of them agreeing. Things are different in the USA where …

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Fuller’s London Pride Unfiltered

Last week I was sipping whisky, this week I was supping something that has beer drinkers in a tizzy, although that isn’t exactly difficult to do. The event I attended was the launch of Fuller’s flagship ale London Pride; dispensed not from a cask but from a keg and not only that, it’s unfiltered! Before we start, let us acknowledge the …

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Quarry: Complete First Season

I have to be honest. I’d never heard of the TV show Quarry before I walked through the bookcase at the rear of Soho whisky institution Milroys, and entered the Vault where Milroys MD, Simo, educated me (and several others) on five delicious whiskies, only one of which came from Scotland. HBO, who screen Quarry, launched the DVD and Blu-ray on 14 …

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Converse: Ready For More

I’m not sure when I first became a fan of Converse, early eighties I imagine, which is more than a few years after the company was founded in 1908.  As a teenager Converse were cool but I was never to own a pair due to a major defect that my grandmother had identified, “You could spit peas through them!” Not …

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