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The Rib Man’s Rib Rub

Ask most carnivores in London where to find either the best street food ribs or hot sauce and chances are you’ll hear the same name, The Rib Man a.k.a. Mark Gevaux. Mark qualified as a butcher at the age of 15 and continued in that line of work until an accident meant he was unable to continue. Realising there were no …

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Weber Performer Charcoal Barbecue

Well, it’s supposedly Summer here in the UK and what, other than rain, goes with Summer? Yes, a barbecue or BBQ or if you’re from South Africa a Brai. Whatever you call it, even in the rain there’s nothing quite like charcoal cooked meat and veggies but you should forget buying one of those disposable things that they sell in the supermarket and you …

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Some Like It Hot!

Now, when it comes to hot sauces for many people a drop or two of Tabasco Sauce is all that’s needed to get the taste buds tingling and the eyes watering but for a great number of people Tabasco Sauce just doesn’t do it, not even if you dispense it from a 1 gallon jug! Thankfully hot sauce lovers can rejoice in …

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