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If you drink beer, or cider, you’ve no doubt heard the term craft being bandied about quite a bit.

In the UK, because there is no agreed upon definition of what craft is, it is a term that can split a group of drinkers in to opposing camps, often with little chance of them agreeing.

Things are different in the USA where there is an agreed upon definition as to what makes a brewery craft so there is no confusion.  With luck, the UK will manage to achieve something similar, but I wouldn’t hold out hope that it will be anytime soon! That said, I’ve no real desire to discuss definitions.

I’ve been subscribing to Craft Metropolis, one of the many craft beer subscription services available in the UK today, for around a year now. Their USP is that they supply beers from London* breweries, there are over 100 of them and rising almost daily!

You’re no doubt familiar with the subscription service model; you sign up and get sent a box of beer on a regular basis, for most subscriptions that will be monthly. In this respect Craft Metropolis is no different. However it’s real USP is that you can choose, if you wish, which 12 beers go in your box each and every month. Choice? Why yes!

Why should you spend your hard earned money and risk getting a beer you know you won’t like? For every lover of hop forward beers there’s someone who’d prefer a stout or porter.  You can of course let them select your 12 beers if you find the range overwhelming.

When you sign up there is no minimum commitment so whenever you find you’ve had your fill of London brewed beer you’re not tied into a long term subscription; you simply drop them an email a minimum of three days before your renewal date to suspend or cancel.

Another way Craft Metropolis differs from other subscription services is the lack of a minimum term. When you sign up you can opt to get one box and never need order another again. Ideal for a gift or hosting a party and want to keep your craft beer friends happy. However most people choose to get a box a month but for those less thirsty you can also get beer sent every two or three months.

In my interactions via email and social media with Craft Metropolis’ founder, Oliver Meade, I’ve found him very affable. Oli is open to suggestions and ideas for the site and you can tell the business is something he feels as passionate about today as he did when Craft Metropolis launched in November 2015.

If you like the idea of getting a selection of beers delivered to your door but are wary of committing to something you can’t maintain I’d say Craft Metropolis is the subscription scheme for you, mainly because it’s not!

A box of 12 beers delivered in the UK ranges from £34.50 to £36 from Craft Metropolis. They also deliver Cleaver & Keg products. If you check Oli’s blog you may find a promo code.

Craft Metropolis Beer Club

Value for Money

A beer subscription service where you get to choose what goes in your box? We like that. We also like beer.

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