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The American Gardener by William Cobbett

The American Gardner was written in 1854 by William Cobbett. It is now in the public domain and has been converted into electronic format for the modern age. The American Gardener provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how to information, and tips that will help you grow plants with ease without them dying like they did on me! Even …

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Free and Easy Weed Killer

Forget spending money on chemicals that we don’t want around our kids and pets (whether they are “safe” or not) Taking the kettle outside, or your left over pasta water, will kill off (cook) any grass or weeds growing up in the driveway, between your paving slabs, etc…. If poured accurately, you may be able to take out weeds near …

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Soil Nutrition: What you need to know

The next few months are a really good time to think about putting the nutrients back into soil that have been used up over the past growing season. The traditional way of doing this is by incorporating manure or compost. Use about half a wheel barrow per square metre and dig in. The worm activity over the winter will help …

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