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Craft Metropolis: London Beers To Your Door

If you drink beer, or cider, you’ve no doubt heard the term craft being bandied about quite a bit. In the UK, because there is no agreed upon definition of what craft is, it is a term that can split a group of drinkers in to opposing camps, often with little chance of them agreeing. Things are different in the USA where …

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Fuller’s London Pride Unfiltered

Last week I was sipping whisky, this week I was supping something that has beer drinkers in a tizzy, although that isn’t exactly difficult to do. The event I attended was the launch of Fuller’s flagship ale London Pride; dispensed not from a cask but from a keg and not only that, it’s unfiltered! Before we start, let us acknowledge the …

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Bring Film Home this Summer with Stella Artois

This summer Stella Artois are running a fantastic offer that will bring some of he finest films to home screens. Film fans, aged 18 and over, have the chance to lay their hands on one of 40 DVDs, simply by purchasing a special promotional pack of Stella Artois 5% or Stella Artois 4%. Feel like an action-packed drama? Why not …

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