Cheapo Phone Cards – Prepaid International Phone Cards

As most of you will know, Selfless Mind Calls offers some of the lowest rates for people making calls from within the UK to every country in the world. The downside to this is if you happen to be travelling or if indeed you are based outside the UK for a short or long period of time.

Or perhaps you’ve never been to the UK and have no intention of visiting, but you still want to be able to make cheap phone calls? If any of these scenarios are close to you, you’ll be happy to hear about a new member of the Selfless Mind family,

No matter what country you are calling from Cheapo Phone Cards will have a card that will suit your needs, you want to call Iraq from the USA? How does 5.1c per minute sound? What about calling a UK cell phone from Spain? The current cheapest rate is only €0.09 per minute.

So, forget about settling for the limited selection of phone cards that your local vendor sells, by logging on to you’ll have access to the worlds best rates instantly so you can buy and start saving in under 60 seconds!

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