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Street Food Pot 1Whilst shopping on Ocado the other day I noticed they had an offer on some noodle based snacks called Street Food so I figured, why not give them a go? They’re based on traditional Thai street food and retail at £2.99 each however when I purchased they were £1.99. The range consists of three varieties; Goyteow Gai – Thai Chicken and Celery, Kow Soi – Northern Thai Yellow Chicken Curry and Goyteow Nua – Thai Beef.

The first thing I can say is they’re small. I’m pretty useless at paying attention to pack sizes when I shop online so it’s probably my fault that I didn’t visualise what 130g might look like but as you can see from the photo, smaller in height than a teaspoon. These are definitely snacks and not, as I had hoped, a lunch substitute other than perhaps for those on diets or combining the pots with something else.

Flavour-wise the stock was tasty enough, you get pouches of chilli and vinegar so you can add your own hot and sour seasoning but again, in such minuscule portions it’s not really worth the effort to get them open and what about the much lauded meat content?

As you can see from the photo below, the much lauded chicken breast in the Goyteow Gai that I had was pretty meagre. I actually had 2 of those and chicken content appeared to be the same in both.

Street Food Pot 2

Overall I was pretty disappointed with these offerings and I certainly won’t be rushing to try them again. I can only console myself with the fact I paid £1.99 each instead of £2.99 but even so, I feel robbed. I’d score them 2.5/5 for Taste and 1/5 for Value for Money.

In my opinion Street Food Pots are basically a couple of mouthfuls of noodles and some stock and I don’t see them catching on and I’m not sure the parent company (Street to Go Limited/Pro-Pak Foods Limited) is trying too hard to promote them, their Twitter page as of today has 5 tweets from 28 June which is also when their Facebook page was last updated. A customer posted a question in October but hasn’t had a response…oh dear!

Street food appears to be the latest buzz with every man and his dog setting up shop as a vendor of burgers, hot dogs, chicken, noodles and well, anything cheap to produce that you can whack a 500% mark-up on. I’ve no qualms paying for tasty food but I do object to handing over cash for small portions of not very exciting food.

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