Shop in the USA with MyUS from anywhere in the world

Have you ever noticed how the price of goods in the USA can be considerably cheaper than the same items outside the USA?  very often the only option you have to access these lower prices is to fly over the the US as a lot of the retailers won’t ship outside America.

Well, thanks to you can now shop in US store from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your own private US street address and those kind people at will ship it on to you at heavily discounted rates.

Problem: Many US Retailers do not ship internationally
Solution: gives you a real US street address. allows you to receive items from any US company or person. ships packages from your US address to over 200 countries worldwide.
US versions of websites give you much wider selection of goods.
You benefit from discounts and sales offered to US consumers.
Problem: Many US Retailers accept only US credit cards
Solution: buys these items for you with our Personal Shopper service. allows you to purchase items from EBay or any other seller. sends payment to sellers via PayPal, money order, or credit card for you. accepts all major credit cards, wire transfers, and checks drawn on US banks.

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