Polo Shirts – How Do You Wear Yours?

One of the most versatile items in a man’s wardrobe is the polo shirt. It’s something you can wear with jeans, chinos or shorts and enjoy a relaxed yet smart look whether you’re in the office or lounging by the pool at some sun-kissed destination.

Recently Lyle and Scott conducted a poll on their Facebook page which posed the question Do you wear your polo shirt buttoned up or buttoned down? There was no close call in the results, 75% of respondents wear theirs buttoned up with only 25% opting for the unbuttoned look. Surprised? I was.

I’m not sure anyone can rival Lyle and Scott when it comes to choice of polo shirts; with four ranges, each with an amazing array of colours, there really is something for everyone.

Their Vintage range, which  bears the golden eagle, are tailored closer to the body for a slimmer fit whilst their Heritage range bears the grey or self-coloured eagle, these are casual yet refined pieces in a slightly looser fit than Vintage. For golfers or those that just want to sport that look they have the Club range of golf polos, again cut slimmer and bearing a green eagle they’re destined to be the staple of your on-course wardrobe and finally there’s the Archive range of regular fit shirts for the polo shirt connoisseur featuring a larger embroidered eagle these pieces are destined to become collector’s items.

So, whether you button up or button down you’re always going to look good in a Lyle and Scott polo shirt from www.lyleandscott.com

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